7 Tools for Planning a Wired Wedding

IMG_7842My nuptials are definitely impending. 4 weeks until dum-dum-dudum. Because we started planning when we were living 3 states apart, every part of our wedding is supported by technology. Here are some of our hacks:

  1. GoogleDocs. We have a wedding folder with a dozen wedding-planning documents. Particularly cool are our guest-list spreadsheet (which includes everything from their addresses, to the likelihood they’ll say yes, to their food foibles), our RSVP form (embedded in the wedding site), and our budget (with our “low,” “high,” and “actual” price columns).
  2. WordPress. We set up a wedding site about 9 months ago. It is aggressively simple–we have About, Directions, Registry, Accommodations, and RSVP pages and that’s it.
  3. flickr. Since our photographer, caterer, and family-volunteers are all several cities away from the beautiful wedding site, we’ve been using flickr to share our visions.
  4. YouTube. My betrothed and I are still discussing our wedding music. I like:

    and he likes

    To make our decision easier to coordinate, I made a YouTube playlist of all of the possible options. Take a listen.

  5. Pages. I designed our wedding favors, my favorite love poems as bookmarks, on Pages and we printed them ourselves. Such a luscious piece of software.
  6. Etsy. We bought our save-the-dates, invitations, rsvp cards, and announcements from a wonderful artist on Etsy. We also bought our rings there.
  7. Yelp. We found our party supplier and vetted our officient using Yelp reviews (though we found her initially through the badly designed but ubiquitous WedPlan).
Of course, many of the important conversations happened in-person. I can’t get fitted online, can’t fondel the flora online, can’t taste the (wonderful Costco) cake online. We’ve also had to remember that online RSVPs won’t work for grandparents without computers.
The goal of the wedding is to make a public celebration of our private commitment. At every step, we’re trying for simple and true; I’m failing a little bit. I’m currently obsessed with adding ribbons to the bookmarks and making 150 tiny bags of lavender and rosemary.
Ah, bridebrain.
In an effort to make the wedding smart rather than dum-dum-dudum, I’m trying to focus on being kind and calm. Technology helps.

Inspirational Quote:

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but it looking outward in the same direction.”–Antoine de Saint Exupery

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