George R.R. Martin Fans are the Best

House-Stark-game-of-thrones-20434997-1280-800I’ve been gleefully watching A Game of Thrones on HBO. Though the books were too heavy on sexual violence to be truly enjoyable, as a TV series I find the story oddly comforting. Like a palet cleanser, after watching an episode I find myself newly grateful for every fantasy movie or book where children are not beaten, kings are not drunks, and women are not constantly guarding their virtues.

Though the series itself stretches to 10,000 pages, and the show weighs in at a meaty hour-per-episode, it is not enough content to get me through the week.

Which is where this multitude, this plurality, this cornucopia of fan tumblrs comes in handy. Showcasing families, relationships, even family sayings, they are a collection of inane/profound quips, clips, and fan-servicing sneak-speaks. Enjoy.

Inspirational Quote:

“A good book has no ending.”–R.D. Cumming

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