5th Year Scholar Project Blog Announced

As a 5th Year Scholar, I have the privilege of creating a sustainable community development project. Mine is called the Tartan Mirror, and is (what I hope becomes) a new annual anthology of interdisciplinary moments from CMU students. I’m asking for submissions at everything from 17 syllables to 1000 words. I’ll also be conducting interviews with undergrads who don’t express themselves best through writing. Being my own project, it also has a blog and will have a YouTube channel.

What kind of “interdisciplinary moments”? For me, it might have been writing a professional ethics paper on firesheep, or doing Arabic homework in rehearsals for the opera, or using YouTube and WordPress to spread Mark Twain.

If you’re a CMU undergrad, and have had an interdisciplinary moment, please consider contributing. Submissions are now open–I’ll be working with major advisers to reach out to (read: strong-arm) a wide spectrum of students for submissions. But starting now, it is also open to anyone. Here’s where you can go.

NB: You retain all rights to your piece until we talk about it otherwise. I will consider pieces both for the final publication, and for the blog. But nothing will happen with your work without your explicit ok. (I love making my own projects–they let me set the kinds of rules I wish everyone followed. You’ll be hearing more about this soon.)

Inspirational Quote:

“No culture on earth outside of mid-century suburban America has ever deployed one woman per child without simultaneously assigning her such major productive activities as weaving, farming, gathering, temple maintenance, and tent-building. The reason is that full-time, one-on-one child-raising is not good for women or children.”–Barbara Ehrenreich quotes

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