Limiting Reagent

Today a friend and I posted several hundred internship descriptions all around the Baker Hall spiral staircase. Streaming down 4 stories of that staircase are brightly colored flyers advertising the summer internship application workshop our organizations are sponsoring:

I enjoyed planning this event. But for a Friday afternoon, six hours of printing and stapling and paper-clipping and sorting* was surprisingly energizing. Unlike certain paper assignments, I knew the goal of the work (to help H&SS student help others through internships, and gain job skills), and I knew the work I was doing was furthering that goal.

With stacks of stickies, paperclips, and colored-tags we had a basic question: what would our limiting reagent be? In the end, it was green tags (green was our color for internships on the East coast, outside of DC). My quiet fear throughout this adventure was that the limiting reagent would be our own stamina. Thankfully, we powered through; but if I don’t see a paperclip in the next few days I will count myself blessed.

*Each internship description has a color for the region of the United States it is located in in the upper-right-hand corner and a large, colorful sticky-note for whether it is government, NGO, or paid. We made a point to find as many paid, non-profit internships as possible.

Inspirational Quote:

“Chemistry has been termed by the physicist as the messy part of physics, but that is no reason why the physicists should be permitted to make a mess of chemistry when they invade it.”–Frederick Soddy

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