An Interesting, Purely Social, Boycott Campaign

Seek & Destroy on Glen Beck CNN Headline NewsI get worried that I live within an echo-chamber. I share politics with most of the blogs I read and most of my friends on Facebook. Twitter is the only place I regularly hear from people I disagree violently with, because I systematically follow them. I feel I need to know what they’re saying to each other to be a better participant in our global conversations.

I’m talking Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and 50 Cent with some of their more vocal followers. But sometimes, in addition to jewels like this one, I would not otherwise have happened upon.

@StopBeck is one of them. In StopBeck’s own words, the campaign is a “primarily Twitter effort”. With more than 7000 followers, that some effort. Not only does he respond to Beck’s more disturbing ramblings in real time, he’s leading a boycott which has been a part of some major endorsement drops–more than 200 companies have pledged to keep their ads the heck away from Beck.

What I find intriguing about StopBeck is that it’s not the social arm of a brick-and-mortar effort. It’s a netroots community movement.

I love it.

UPDATE: Not well versed in Beck’s special brand of crazy? Here are two good videos (and an explanation of their relationship) using Disney characters for political commentary (Fair Use FTW):

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.”–Robert Fripp

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