13 Posters I am Excited to See at Hopper

I love the poster competition. There’s always a range of graphic-design and presentation skills evident, but its the current of passion, well, electrifies the room. I will probably check out all of the 100+ posters during the conference, but the thirteen below are the ones which caught my eye:

  1. Kaylee FanArtWomen In A Man’s Virtual World, Presenters: Lisa Kirk (Temple University)
  2. Towards a Lightweight Security Solution for Computational RFID (CRFID), Presenter: Farzana Rahman (Marquette University)
  3. STEM Projects and Experiences: A MAGICal Perspective, Presenter: Ritu Khare (Drexel University)
  4. Social Media in a Classroom: Facebook vs. Twitter, Presenter: Arshia Khan (College of St. Scholastica)
  5. She is the CTO!: Developing MANGA Cases in IT Education, Presenter: Akiko Orita (Keio University)
  6. LEMON: A Cheap and Accurate Indoor Localization Technique,Presenter: Israat Tanzeena Haque (University of Alberta)
  7. Feedback: How to Give It, Get It, and Benefit From It Across Boundaries, Presenter: Lynda Grindstaff (Intel)
  8. Exploring Computer Science Gender Parity through Research in Afghanistan, Presenter: Jandelyn D Plane (University of Maryland, College Park)
  9. Computer Science Unplugged: A Tool for Outreach, Presenter: Lynn Lambert (Christopher Newport University)
  10. Alice Franchise – An Exploration of Storytelling Alice, Alice 2.x, and Alice 3.0, Presenter: So Phi A Ngo (Roger Williams University)
  11. A New Image for Computing: Dot Diva, Presenters: Jill Ross (NCWIT)
  12. A Cryptographic Protocol for the Cloud, Presenter: Lauren M Stuart (Purdue University)
  13. @ghc Clustering and Topic Extraction #Micro-blogs #Twitter, Presenter: Katie Anna E. Wolf (University of Minnesota)

PS: Why Kaylee? Because I’m using her quote at the bottom, and she represents the living, breathing inventiveness that is the joy of STEM and which I hope will come through in the papers above.

Inspirational Quote:

[Simon tries to explain himself to Kaylee.]
Simon: I mean, my way of being… polite, or however it’s… Well, it’s the only way I have of… showing you… that I like you… of showing respect.
Kaylee: So, when… we made love last night—
Simon: When we what?!
[Kaylee grins.]
Kaylee: You really are such an easy mark.

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