Neat Anti-Human Trafficking Organization, in Pittsburgh

Belgrade McDonald's HamburgerMy major advisor connected me with the director of Confere Inservitus, a Pittsburgh-area nationally-conscious anti-human trafficking organization. Coolest 3 facts:

  1. They’re working to gather national statistics on trafficking victims,
  2. They’ll use those statistics to trace source regions, and then go and help prevent future victimization.
  3. They’re looking for interns.

Contact them here!

PS: Why the picture of McDonalds? Because one of the most striking images from my first week of training at Polaris was the story of a teenaged girl who was rewarded by her boyfriend for selling sex for the first time by a special meal–at McDonalds. Very young girls in commercial sex, victims of sex trafficking, are still kids and the same bribes any parents would use still work.

Inspirational Quote:

“He who sings scares away his woes.”–Cervantes

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