Conversations on the Bus

I’ve formed a mutual admiration society with the bus driver Matt and I see every night. Between us, we ride the 2B bus between our houses in Fairfax, VA twice a day, every weekday. Between us, because we alternate who have dinner at whose house. The last bus home (10:12pm from my house, 10:42pm from his) is run by the same bus driver every night.

When I lived in Santa Cruz, I got to know several bus drivers on the routes I relied on. Even in Pittsburgh, I am slowly getting to know all of the cab drivers and bus drivers I see month to month.

But here, in Virginia, my bus ride home is full of laughter, with the bus driver and me gossiping and telling jokes the entire ride home.

We talk about weddings, and how silly it is to lose 50 pounds for the man that proposed to you when you were carrying them around,. We’ve talked about the Middle East, God, egalitarian relationships, DC weather, and movie-theater air-conditioning etiquette.

At the end of every-other-day, when I need time to myself more than sleep, I look forward to the 15 minutes I play an extrovert on my bus ride home. It is easier for me now than it has ever been in my life to play this role (though only with people I like/need to like for a given cause). I probably wouldn’t get along with most Metro employees, but this bus driver makes every evening a delight.

I am looking forward to my next bus ride.

Inspirational Quote:

“Look at all the buses now that want exact change, exact change. I figure if I give them exact change, they should take me exactly where I want to go.” –George C. Wallace

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  1. It’s harder to see people regularly on the Metro subway, compared to the buses, though. We don’t get to interact with the drivers (and I doubt they’d appreciate striking up a chat through the intercom). But it was nice to meet you the one time. It’s a treat to get into a length conversation with someone I meet for the first time (that didn’t happen with you, though). It doesn’t happen most of the rides I take on the Metro.

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