Tweet-A-Thon Starts Tomorrow–Check it out!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to mention it again because I am so excited. My big project from the last month is going public tomorrow. It is a broadcast from Polaris Project’s Twitter account of the views of our fellows on everything from labor trafficking in Toy Story 3 to the best PSAs on human slavery. Heavy stuff, but if you tune in any time from tomorrow to Wednesday you’ll be sure to find a good resource or a new and exciting way to fight trafficking. Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: You can watch the Tweet-A-Thon on my sidebar for the next 3 days. Enjoy!

Inspirational Quotes:

“In thinking of America, I sometimes find myself admiring her bright blue sky-her grand old woods-her fertile fields-her beautiful rivers-her mighty lakes and star-crowned mountains. But my rapture is soon checked when I remember that all is cursed with the infernal spirit of slave-holding and wrong; When I remember that with the waters of her noblest rivers, the tears of my brethren are borne to the ocean, disregarded and forgotten; That her most fertile fields drink daily of the warm blood of my outraged sisters, I am filled with unutterable loathing.”–Frederick Douglass

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