The Lovelinesses of Suburbia

Bulldozer killing trees in Vienna/FairfaxI’m living in Vienna/Fairfax this summer, a suburb of Washington DC in Northern Virgina (NOVA), and have found a new respect for suburbia. For example, this morning I saw both bike and deer tracks on my way to the Metro; last week a rabbit ran next to my bike for 10 feet until pretending to be a tree.

At night, there are fireflies and the gentle creaking of the cooling wood. It is lovely, and not nearly as remote-feeling as I expected.

But some mornings, I see things like this (right). It is a bulldozer, killing some small trees. Now I know developments have to be built, but scenes like this one remind me of the old joke:

Suburbia: where developers cut down all the trees and then named the streets after them.

And since I live on White Birch Dr, off of Circle Woods Ct, I find it less than funny.

Inspirational Quote:

“Family is just accident…. They don’t mean to get on your nerves.  They don’t even mean to be your family, they just are.”–Marsha Norman

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  1. Enjoy your suburbia! I’m in the final stages of closing a purchase of a “microcondo” in San Francisco. It’s 260 sq ft (plus a “loft”) about a block from the SF MoMA. Pretty much the opposite of suburbia! =D

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