What I’ll Do When I Get Home

I went out to a very fancy buffet lunch today with two ladies from student activities, as an informal payment for teaching a self-defense class about a month ago (which was a blast!). While we were munching on sushi and dumplings and naan and pasta, they asked me what I wanted to do first when I get to the U.S. I said,

“Buy some tiny-tiny shorts, and wear them and a tank-top everywhere for 3 days.”

But I think I have a few other, fairly superficial things I want to do:

  1. Buy new jeans. This is ridiculous, because Doha has a larger selection of fancy-clothes shops than any mall in the Bay Area. However, because I want jeans from 5 years ago, when low-riders were less popular, I’ll be shopping at Goodwill, which they do not have in Doha. Or maybe Sears. But everywhere I would want to buy jeans is too down-market for Doha right now, so, buying jeans is a necessity (because I only brought one pair with me to Doha, and I’ve worn them out).
  2. Call my bank and work out my stolen credit card. It is a huge pain to call my bank on Skype, and mailing forms from here to the U.S. has been too much hassle to work out.
  3. Watch Repo Men, to see the scene I missed. Also because I liked it.
  4. Wear lots and lots of pants. Sometimes, when I change into work-out clothes, I am surprised to see my two legs. Wearing long skirts for days on end, I get used to seeing my lower body as a shapeless mass. It’s a little shocking to see pale calves and knees where lumpy blue, black or brown cloth usually smooths out my lines.
  5. Watch Hulu. I haven’t been able to watch the True Blood webisode because of region-restrictions, or follow Bones, or Glee. I enjoy pop culture and I am only a little ashamed of it.

There are obvious, important things I am much more motivated to do now I’ve lived in Doha, like vote (even in the completely randomly-timed elections California seems to have every 2 months), talk loudly about politics in restaurants, participate in rallies and political campaigns. But those will have to wait for summer.

Until then, I’ll be on the beach, wearing my tiny-tiny shorts and a halter-top.

Talking politics, loudly.

Inspirational Quote:

“The best part of happiness is the pines.”–Terri Guillemets


  1. I cannot wait to talk politics loudly with you again. Also to yell at you for seeing Iron Man 2 before me. IT IS NOT FAIR I AM IN NEW YORK HOW DID YOU GET IT FIRST?!?!?! *tantrum over* Sorry about that. I miss you. That is all.

  2. The benefits from living abroad? Yes, I can’t wait to be opinionated at each other in person, and on the interwebs :-D.

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