A Crab as a Metaphor

I had the fun of sitting in a lawn-chair on one of the warmest, cleanest, most glorious beaches I’ve ever seen. The water here in Oman is fresh and clean in a way the water hasn’t been in California for years. The water, heating-pad temperature in the afternoon, had cooled to hour-old tea temperature.

Sitting in the lawn chair with the lovely mother of a friend who has been generously shepherding me around Muscat the last two days, we saw a crazy little crab hovering by the edge of the waves. Crawling gamely over the rocks, we had seen a large (6-inch) colorful crab. But this one, sand-colored with hints of blush, crawled out of the sand in the last sun, and sideways-sauntered to the edge of the water.

The waves were coming in knee-high to me, too high for the crab to enter to far into. I watched him; he watched the waves. Then he ran in! The waves, the little tail-ends, not more than twice his size, pushed him back. Keeping steady Intel he could find his feet again, he surfs.

Settled down again, he turns, and looks at the waves again. He dances left, and right; wanders up, and down; runs into the waves again!

As I watched hin grow more jewel-like in the fastly-fading light, I liked him as a metaphor. He looks over a problem, dives in, is pushed back; looks at it from a different angle, dives in, is pushed back. He enjoys both the diving and the looking, but especially keeping his balance when he’s pushed back.

Sounds like a good way to be for me.

Inspirational Quote:

“Truth gains more even by the errors of one who, with due study and
preparation, thinks for himself, then by the true opinions of those who
only hold them because they do not suffer themselves to think.”–John
Stuart Mill”

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