Here’s a Prezi (I was bored)

At the end of every semester, no matter how awesome my teachers or exciting my extracurriculars, I get bored with school. Last Spring, this lead to me locking myself in the computer lab for 18 hours and learning to generate high-quality poster graphs with Illustrator. I just get the urge to learn something which no one has assignment me to learn.

This year, trying to harness this malaise for the betterment of my grades, I decided to teach myself to present using Prezi, a quirky alternative to Keynote (or that other presentation software). This is the fruit of my labors. Like any other presentation, it may not make any sense without me narrating. But it should be a good example of what Prezi can do–enjoy!

Inspirational Quote

“I think every woman should have a blowtorch.”–Julia Child

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