My Speech in August

I was just invited to speak to the Freshmen at next year’s orientation. Of course I am accepting!

I have had a speech-topic in mind for a while now, one I riffed on in my 5th year application. I wanted to share my current first minute of text here:

Today you stand at the edge of a savanna. There may appear to be a clear path; someone may have told you there is a good, right path. They are wrong.

Standing in this edge-time, you may feel lost, pathless, perhaps alone. This is mostly right: there are no paths on the savanna. But you are not alone.

On this new plain, you come as a crowd, a community, a class. They will be your bellwethers and guiding stars and competition and friends. They will help you define your right path, choose what you mean by success.

Inspirational Quote:

You take your life in your own hands, and what happens?
A terrible thing: no one to blame.
–Erica Jong

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