My Google Map of Where I Wander in the Gulf (work in progress)

One of the great joys of taking classes at Georgetown are the many maps all around the classrooms. When my eyes wander in class, I start to memorize the shape of Azerbaijan, or the location of Bahrain, or the comparative sizes of Sudan and Europe. After the Bill Brown Ride, I wanted to see exactly how many miles I biked, and I had heard about Google Maps I could embed in my website. So, here it is! Above is a map of where I wander in Education City, and below is the route I rode for Bill Brown. I’ll keep updating this with more information about Doha, then branching out to Dubai, Muscat and Cairo. Enjoy!

Inspirational Quote:

“What is more beautiful than a road?”– George Sand (pen name for Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin)

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