Back in America

I spent the last weekend traveling to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break. I went from airports where all aigns were in Arabic and English, to French and German and English, to Spanish and English, to just English. Each couple I saw seemed to be sitting closer and closer, each teenager showing more and more skin, each duty-free shop pushing more and more alchohol.

Sitting in Heathrow, I felt a pang of home sickness when the Qatar Airways ads flashed by.

Qatar Airways Ad, Heathrow Airport

The United States is home; but I think Doha is coming close to being one as well.

For the next week, my posts will be marked with my time EST rather than Doha time. And, as per my rules for posting this semester, since I missed two days of posting I will post 6 posts today (3 for each day I missed).

Inspirational Quote:

“Being blunt with your feelings is very American. In this big country, I can be as brash as New York, as hedonistic as Los Angeles, as sensuous as San Francisco, as brainy as Boston, as proper as Philadelphia, as brawny as Chicago, as warm as Palm Springs, as friendly as my adopted home town of Dallas, Fort Worth, and as peaceful as the inland waterway that rubs up against my former home in Virginia Beach.”– Martina Navratilova

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