A Butterfly in Education City

(See my previous post for information about U.S. Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Carnegie Mellon University–Qatar). But for now–Butterflies! Well, butterfly. I saw it on my way to class. It was a very patient subject.

Inspirational Quote:

Why not tear a page from the wranglers’ handbook and require all married folk to call each other partner? Think of the benefits. Not only would life start to sound like a permanent square dance, we’d also lose the language that distinguishes gay marriage from straight. And perhaps like Dr. Seuss’s famous Star-Belly Sneetches, who finally learn that no one kind of Sneetch is the best on the beach, we’ll see that marriage is marriage, meant for devotion that thrives, and not just for unions of straight husbands and wives.–Modern Love on Valentines Day


  1. Loved it! So glad all this is available to you. And how very wel you write about it.

    All my love…and pride.

    Baba Pauline

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