Made it to Doha!

Security was as painless as it could be, the flights were luxurious (there’s no other way to travel to the Gulf), and my apartment is ample. As soon as I unpack, I will post photos to my flickr. Sleep soon (it is now 12:22am in Doha).

Here are the photos! Below are three samples. Based on the moving graphic on the cabin wall, tracing my flight from San Francisco to Dubai, I believe we were over Iran when I took these photos. If anyone recognizes them and knows better (we were pretty close to Russia) please let me know!

PS: After this post, all of my posts for the next 4 months have the Doha time as their posting time.

PPS: my shutterbug of a wonderful Mom also posted her photos!

Inspirational Quote:

“There are two ways of reckoning with what we might call the family oversoul. The first way involved feeling oneself absorbed by it, so that one doesn’t feel like oneself but like a drop in the larger bucket or a chip off the old block.

But Carlos Morton has taken the family oversoul—here represented b his grandfather Lopez—and denied it as an extension of himself: “The part of my that I never knew.” The happy result is that his sense of self is enhances while, simultaneously, he need not forgo his sense of affiliation with his family. If anything, his sense of my grandfather Lopez allows him to feel more, not less, affiliated with them.” (Elizabeth Stone’s Black Sheep and Kissing Cousins, 214)

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