Engagement Party Was Awesome!

Before I go to sleep, I want to thank everyone for tonight’s awesome engagement party/21st birthday. It was such a joy seeing all of my friends, from Peninsula School, Harker, and other places. I am so thankful to be in your communities. Love,


Inspirational Quote:

Anyone who is in love is living a charmed life, especially if you’ve been in love for many years, through good times and bad.”–Layng Martine Jr, Modern Love, New York Times

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  1. We’re so sorry we missed it! I was waiting to see if the kids would get better in time, but they’re both still sick. 🙁 (Edie has an ear infection in each ear, and a sinus infection!) When they get better (and you’re both in town) can we all take you two out to celebrate? Congratulations and happy birthday!

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