Silly Cat Photos with Arabic Subtitles (for my oral presentation in Arabic)

The following is the visuals for my December 2nd oral presentation on “Something I Love” in Arabic I at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Here’s hoping this project comes in handy when chatting with some cat lover in Qatar.

All photos are by my step-dad, John Plocher, or my mom, Katy Dickinson. The two photos of the original Rudolph Valentino are from this website and this website.

Roughly, the presentation will go:

My cat lives in my family’s house in San Jose, CA (1st 3 photos)

His name is Rudolph Valentino

Not this Rudolph Valentino (2 images of 1920s sex symbol)

This one (Tino looking silly)

Tino is beautiful

Tino is sweet

Tino is stupid

Tino sleeps in the morning

Tino sleeps in the afternoon

Tino sleeps always

Tino lives in my step-dad’s office (3 photos of Tino on boxes)

This is my step-dad and my brother (photo with Tino at church)

My brother loves our two birds (3 photos of Simon and Garfunkle, our birds)

And our 2 dogs (1 photo of Romeo and Juliet)

Last slide, literal “I love my cat”.

That’s the best I can do with the vocabulary of a 3 year old. The Arabic words on each slide are just the key words–“my cat”, “Rudolph Valentino”, “beautiful”, “sweet”, “stupid”.

Inspirational Quote:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens


  1. Finally caught up with you – as you zoom over half+ the globe! We’re having a 4.something+ earthquake here while you’re escaping. Your new abode sounds impressive and quite devoid of other humans – not to mention cats!
    Since the Holidays were very busy, exhausting, fun etc. I have to get back to work: have just ransomed my stolen car from repairs. Since I avoided most tasks for the last month, I’m sending out “Happy New Yr.” cards quickly before they morph into Happy Easter cards (one year they were Happy Bastille Day cards.) Thanks again for the lovely presents! I need to retrieve the tree with photos – great idea!
    Love, Baba

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