Back from Hopper, Still Flying

Picture by Katy Dickinson (my mom)
[Me in the suit presenting my poster to
Maria Klawe
, President of Harvey Mudd]
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I’ve made some interesting academic changes (see next post) since returning from Hopper, and feel tastefully in control of my life (for now). I planned a successful panel for the Pre-Law Society (whose website I also admin); Unfortunately, instead of watching my amazing panelists in action, I had to go to opera rehearsal to have my head cut off. But in rehearsal I learned that most young opera singers will make their livings as covers, which is a good lesson for all growing professionals.

I love attending Hopper because it gives me a chance to see my horizons. I use the ocean as a metaphor for school (and I am, incongruously, the duck* on the surface of the ocean). Most of the time, school is like paddling on the ocean. Some days, a killer wave breaks over my head and I have to fight back to the surface. Sometimes I fly. Hopper helps me fly.

As always, a beautiful, moving, and successful conference.

*I use a duck because I often feel like a duck in public settings: serene and confidant on the surface, paddling like hell under the water. No, I do not molt on the carpet and go after small pieces of bread with terrifying fierceness. It’s a partial metaphor.

Inspirational Quote:

A desert is a place without expectation.–Nadine Gordimer

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