Introducing CMU-Qatar (3 Videos and 2 Slide Shows)

This week I am ramping up my before school planning. I’m working on coordinating some photo shows for IMPAQT, working on a panel for CMU’s pre-law society, and thinking about moving into my new house. IMPAQT will have a neat show on August 21st at The Frame, a funky CMU art gallery. The show will include Karak (the amazing Qatari tea I am in love with), some of our abayas and dishdashes on display, and some cool multi-media shows. In looking for videos and photo slideshows for the show, I found these.

When we were in Qatar, CMU-Q students put together and taught several evenings of amazing classes, a series which was called Qalta. Here is a student-created video summary of Qalta (see me in the martial arts class and in the Islamic Feminism class):

These two are Carnegie Mellon-created videos. A time-lapse video of CMU-Qatar campus being built:

An introduction to CMU-Qatar’s campus and culture with student interviews. Watching this this morning, I recognized and could name at least 1/3 of the students. CMU-Qatar is a small, intimate and energetic Carnegie Mellon Campus. I can’t wait to go next spring!

In addition to our gallery show, we will be putting up shows of our photography in several dorms. I’ve posted images from that show before, but I recently have discovered the joys of flickr slideshows. Here is a great collection of photos of the CMU-Qatar campus.

And for anyone who does not know where Qatar is, or what it looks like, here is the cool flickr slideshow.

I do not know if anyone else does this, but when I am curious about a state, I go to flickr, type in the relevant terms, and flip through a slideshow of pictures from that state. Utah has some lovely mountains which I would not have discovered without this technique.

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Abraham Joshua Heschel – “Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge.”

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