3 Sources for Cuteness (because sometimes you need a break)

During lunch, between hours of serious website editing, the other interns and I sometimes indulge in pictures of cute kittens or puppies (or in one case, a seal–see 2nd video) we find. We sit around the conference table, turning our laptops so the others can see. Usually we are on one of two sites: cuteoverload or icanhascheezburger. Being law geeks, we also share what we’re reading on scotusblog (scotus: supreme court of the united states) or slate.

We turn to cute and funny animal pictures as a way to give our brains a 30 second breather, and get back to work refreshed and mentally balanced. Or, we just enjoy seeing cute pictures of kitties :-D.

    1. icanhascheezburger (or, LolCats)

funny pictures of cats with captions

  1. CuteOverload
  2. Flickr’s kitten show
    As I’ve mentioned other places, I am having a blast using Wesabe for my finances. Being a neat company, they have a section of their website titled “Don’t Panic” with the following slideshow embedded.

Not only are these websites great for brain-breaks during lunch, but my boyfriend and I go through them sometimes during our nightly calls as part of Operation: Have Something To Talk About Other Than Our Days At Work. Have a great Caturday everyone!

Inspirational Quote:

Anne Frank – “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

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