Learning to Network (or, the art of being social)

Networking is like making crepes: effortless to some (usually benefiting from years of practice), or a crusty, burnt mess. Penelope Trunk linked to one of the best articles I have found describing the right attitude for networking is found here. At this point, I have read yards of pixels about why people should network (it is how to recruit, how to get hired, how to get work done, waka waka waka). But missing from those narratives is what I found in this one: a fully realized networking lifestyle looks like.

It made it that much easier to shake hands and hand out business cards to the other CMU Alums at last week’s event (after 1 semester all students of CMU are officially alums). More on that later.

PS: One of the big reasons to intern in Washington DC is for the opportunities to network. Here is an interesting article on the economics and ethics of unpaid (intern) labor.

Inspirational Quote:

“Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.”–Corita Kent

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