How to Fight Torture (in Debates)

Continuing with strong argumentation, the Human Rights USA blog has a recent post debunking major myths about torture. I had planned to post this yesterday, then American University declared the internet down from 6pm-2am with no notice and I was unable to post. Grrr. American is losing points as we speak.

Anyway, a quick preview of the post. Here are the two myths on which International Justice Project Legal Intern Jill Paul focuses:

Myth #1: Certain types of conduct, including waterboarding, are not torture.

Myth #2: Torture is a Useful Tool in the War Against Terror

This post is clean, legally correct, and, most importantly, readable. Cool stuff!

One of the amazing perks about working for the World Organization for Human Rights USA is getting to hang out with all of the legal interns. Not only do I get a preview of law school through their eyes, being surrounded by law students (people with years more work experience and education than I have) forces me to stretch myself to keep up with them.

I think in choosing my next internship, I will try to intern someplace where I am surrounded with people who are very educated, and have skill-sets I do not possess. It is really setting this internship apart from my other internship experiences. Also, what makes my comparative legal ignorance bearable to my pride is the fact that I am not competing with the legal interns at Human Rights USA for attention: my job is to fix the website, which has nothing to do with their jobs. It means I am an expert sharing my expertise, and they are experts sharing their expertise. Equitable exchange.

Inspirational Quote:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”–Albert Einstein

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