Who I Read (My Top Bloggers)

When I first started blogging, I did not follow blogs. I know, this sound quite silly. But I had not found anyone whose voice I wanted to listen to, reguardless of the topic. Instead, I searched for blogs when I needed confirmation of my own opinions. Lately however, I’ve been reading a few bloggers consistently:

Penelope Trunk

Waiter Rant

Straight Up Jank (Kendra Lee)

+1 Comic: Little Dead Girls

I find myself going back to them again and again (and reading through their archives) because I want to see how they view the world, whether they’re writing about rules for Public Displays of Affection or a world-traveled neighbor or how to ruin a list or the importance of attitude. I like their voices, regardless of what they’re talking about. I think that is what makes a good blogger. Strike that, having a clear, identifiable voice is what makes a strong writer. And that’s what I like reading.

Keep on rocking guys!

<h4>Inspirational Quote:</h4>

Francis Bacon – “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

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