Review of American University’s Summer Housing

In my frantic compilation of my Friedman Fellowship application I quickly went through the housing costs for American, Georgetown, George Washington and craigslist. I found that American’s housing was cheapest with the best Metro location, the best way to get around Washington DC. After I turned in my deposit, I started to get worried. What if it was terrible?

Then I remembered other housing experiences that didn’t bother me. Westminster Choir College’s brick building, with no AC and 1″ beetles, in full sun in Princeton in June. A Best Western with ants in La Plata, Maryland in June. Thinking back, none of those bothered me very much. And I look at the website again, and it didn’t look that bad. And I worried.

But when I got here it was quite nice! The room has a high ceiling, the windows are tall, the floor carpeted and the closets part of the wall (rather than CMU’s free-standing pine armoires). I haven’t been over to the pool or gym, though I have heard the gym is quite nice. Even better, there is a great dry-cleaning place, an ok Chinese food place, and a metro stop within a 7 minute walk of the dorm. It is quite lovely.

And now, for laundry!

Inspirational Quote:

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. ” – Lena Horne

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