Common Ground Among Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Students

I am always delighted by how much common ground I find with pro-life students, after enough discussion. For example, when I was interviewing student protesters outside of my clinic, I found I had a common cause (but different a approach) with the pro-life protesters. With a debate which is dramatized as tearing our nation to pieces, the things we disagree on are fundamental and important, but there is much on which we agree.

Here are 3 issues which I think pro-choice and pro-life students can agree:

1) Pregnant women (students and professors) are given no place in high education. This is sexist and wrong.
2) Teens are having trouble making responsible sexual decisions
3) Our culture wars are unproductive and impractical

With these three things in common, there are many useful projects we can do together and much common ground to be shared. The issues which divide us are vital–but practical good can come of moving beyond bumper-stickers and into productive debate. I know this sounds idealistic and naive, but I am not advocating that Operation Rescue and a resurrected Margaret Sanger plan a wedding together and be bffs, just that students, with much of the same background and outside interests, can do significant good working together. I believe any cooperation, even on small issues, will help lower the animosity level of both sides, and this is good for our american debate.

PS: I recently found an interesting example of a proposed compromise on abortion: abortion reduction.

Inspirational Quote:

Will Rogers – “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

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  1. It’s articles like this that clearly reveal the intellectual level of many Americans.

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