Arabic Words I Learned

I will definitely be using these in everyday life–so much fun to use!

Halla (hello-informal)
Walla (you swear? really?)
Yalla (come on, come here)
Salam Alaikam (hello-formal)
Shukram [Correction: Shukran] (thank you)
Abaya (formal black robe Qatari women wear over their clothes)
Nikab (face covering with eye slits)
Kiram (trad. Qatari board-game, like air-hockey/pool)
La (no)
Na’am (yes)
Ya’ni (a verbalized pause, like “like)

PS: if I get any of the definitions wrong, please tell me!

Inspirational Quotes:

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  1. Salam Alaikoum
    Shukram is pronounced Shukran,just replace M with N because it is written شكرا,the letter ا when it comes on the end of a word sometimes we pronounce it N.

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