Funny Graphs with Political Messages

GraphJam is in the same vein as FailBlog and PunditKitchen, but with graphs. But sometimes, delightfully, the political will creep over into the GraphJam sphere.

Here is an example:

Songs Chart Memes
more music charts

I like the above graph because it accurately portrays one of the emotions I experience during the inauguration. I got the feeling a lot of people in the crowd attended to witness that it actually happened. As if, by our collective observance, we could protect President Obama. Once he was sworn in, a quiet charge went through the crowd. I felt a lot of people were relieved not to have witnessed something horrific.

This next example is less political, but no less interesting. In my research on plagiarism in Academia, a lot of TAs and Professors expressed verbally what is shown graphically below:

song chart memes graph
more music charts

I am not sure how true this is overall, but I like having this in-case I need a visual-aid to explain how many educators see their students’ writing.

Ok, last great example. Sometimes I wish my research classes, in presenting how to use graphs effectively, would use images from GraphJam. Talk about clearly descriptive statistics:

song chart memes
more music charts

Anyhoo, great fun!

Inspirational Quote:

“GraphJam is the unholy love child of bored office workers, music and pop culture.”


  1. I found your site because your student essays graph comes up seventh in Google images for “meme”. nice! Like the site, and good luck with that voice thing.

    Ol’ Benny

  2. “Time spent proof reading my graph before I publish it and allow everyone to know I am too stupid to know how to spell the word ‘choice'”

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