feelingelephants on a break

Hey all,

My next week and a half is going to be epically busy. Tomorrow I have a concert (tune in at 12pm EST) and my show opening at the Posner Center. Saturday I have madrigal dinner from 12-3, and then 6-10. And three finals and a paper to work on. Sunday I study and write. Monday I have my 15100 exam at 8:30am. Tuesday I have a meeting with my research supervisor for next semester and my final for English Diction and a meeting with my professor over the paper. Wednesday I am testing a student for his yellow belt. Thursday I have my vocal performance minor studio juries. Friday I work on the paper and study for my world history final on Tuesday.

And I want to get the rest of the p4 videos and podcasts up.

So, to help keep myself focused, I will not be blogging (or reading the New York Times) until after my finals. I will be back soon!

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