(belated) Halloween Pictures

This year I realized I owned enough OpenSolaris gear to be OpenSolaris for Halloween. The costume consisted of an OpenSolaris shirt from the Hopper Conference 2008; an OpenSolaris jacket from John from JavaOne 2007; a pair of black pants; the finishing touch: a necklace made from an OpenSolaris install-disk and an ethernet-cable.

I installed OpenSolaris inside VBox while at the Grace Hopper Celebration from a free install-disk that Sun folks were handing out.

Enjoy the pictures!

Most of the ones of me are by Anthea Carns, except for the first two of me which are by Ismail Smith Wade-El.

The first few are of the decorations on my floor–they were really cute!

Inspirational Quote:

“This object (which is already a string!) is itself returned. “–toString method description, Java API.


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