Race and the Presidential Election

When is paying attention to race racism?

How can you predict the effect of race (their own, a candidate’s, a pollster’s?) poll?

Will there come a time when one candidate will be so desperate they will encourage racial fears to win votes? Will they have the character to choose to loose rather than doing so?

The three articles linked to above deal with the sad issue of Barack Obama’s race. Sad, because in an ideal society the Senator’s race would not be an issue in this presidential election. But there is good news–according to the second article the “Bradley effect” (the 3-6 point exaggerated lead a black candidate enjoys until they lose by it because of hidden voter racism) no longer exists. Good to know. The other two articles give snapshots of the campaign in the last week.

Inspirational Quote:

Amelia Earhart – “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

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