Cool Web 2.0 Election 2008 Resources

Here are my top 5 favorite web 2.0 resources for learning about this election.

  1. 270towin-This website has current poll data, and allows you to play around with which ways key swing states go, and see how it effects the election. Bonus: you can look at this kind of map for every preidential election in the country’s history. Personal favorite: 1796–Thomas Jefferson looses the Presidency
  2. Well-webbed newspaper articles–New York Times is particularly good at this, but the rise of Wikipedia-style hyperlinking is one of my favorite election resources. Not sure who Bill Ayers or Antoin Rezko is? Check the nyt hyperlink and find out.
  3. Presidential fan videos–utilizing the fabulous connective powers of YouTube to spread a creative approach to political support. Here’s an example:
  4. Embarrassing political slips/clips–anyone hear about how badly Palin did when interviewed by Katie Couric? Didn’t catch it? Search the YouTube.
  5. YouTube-based campaigns–this is one of the cutest I have seen. They often feature celebrities. Check these three out
    Celebs say “Don’t vote!”

    Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep
    (Be warned, Sarah Silverman is a comedienne who makes her living being offensive–expect this video to offend.)

    Yes We Can– of The Black Eyed Peas

Inspirational Quote:

“For people in the poor world, as for people everywhere, the most reliable method yet invented to ensure that governments provide people with social and economic necessities is called politics.”
“Human rights, Stand up for your rights”, March 22nd 2007, From The Economist print edition

PS: Want a nice chart on John McCain’s wealth compares to Obama’s? Check this image out. It’s a list of the cars, aircraft and houses of the candidates. Give you a quick visual idea of comarative richness–very well designed.

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