How to Approach Internships

I had an idea I wanted to share. In my next summer internship/job, I will treat it like a poem. Because most internships at my level of experience are likely to involve seemingly mindless office work, I will treat the work as a small piece of something important. For example. I might work on this question: “how do I teach myself to maintain interest (and therefore accuracy) on the 40th Eagle Scout letter of the day?”

To me, this is like treating an internship like a poem because a poem is a small circumstance which can be extrapolated from to mean more. By reading into the work you are given as an intern, you will gain more out of it. Yes, typing labels for closed cases was important. But what made it interesting was learning how an efficient office ran, what kinds of cases got closed after what actions–even the varied and complex names of constituents were interesting.

So next time you’re bored at work, treat it like a poem.

Inspirational Quote

David Sarnoff – “Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work.”

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