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Receiving ACM TechNews is one of the many benefits of being a member of ACM. Every Saturday I will post a review of my favorite article from that week’s ACM TechNews email. Enjoy!

This article made me think of my favorite pressure group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a new search engine I’ve been trying to use, Privacy Finder. I would have loved Privacy Finder just because it lets me compare the privacy policies of the websites I use but I was sold on it when I found it came from the CMU Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS). And EFF rocks my socks because they work to bring the Constitution to the Internet and are responsible for fighting for bloggers rights, for the privacy of email, against warrantless wiretapping, and about a million other important things.

The article also subtly reminds us at ACM@CMU of our mission: to bring our knowledge of CS/technology to the world around us and help guide the future with that knowledge. And if you think policy makers have a grasp of technology with out us, read the article and see how clue free they are.

PS: Here were the other headlines for the week

  • Women Break to Front of Tech
  • Study: Electronic Voting Increased Counting Errors in France
  • Bluffing Could Be Common in Prediction Markets, Study Shows
  • The New Face of R&D: What’s Cooking at IBM, HP and Microsoft
  • MIT Reports Finer Lines for Microchips
  • UC San Diego Unveils World’s Highest-Resolution Scientific Display System
  • Sneeze-Sensing Software Gives Avatars a Good Laugh
  • Artificial DNA Can Power Future Comps
  • Mapping Infectious Diseases
  • First European Initiative on Grid Computing, Biomedical Informatics and Nanoinformatics
  • New Logic: The Attraction of Magnetic Computation
  • IBM Looks to Tap Massive Data Streams
  • The Secret to Designing User-Friendly Interfaces for Desktop Software
  • KU Researcher Calls for Approval of Wireless Gadgets That Use ‘White Space’
  • Research Institute in Pensacola Shapes the Future
  • Artificial Intelligence Tied to Search Future
  • New Ways to Connect Data, Computers, and People

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