Stuff I wish I had brought (and will bring on my next long trip)

  • My own mug, knife, fork, spoon, plate, grocery bag

I really dislike the consumptive lifestyle of traveling–eating take-out that comes in Styrofoam boxes, eating each breakfast using 2 Styrofoam cups (one for hot water, one for juice), 1 Styrofoam bowl or plate (depending on whether breakfast is oatmeal or a waffle), and 1 or 2 plastic utensils, all of which I throw away at the end of the meal, not to mention shopping and having to use plastic bags.

  • Several good refillable water bottles

Singer’s are obsessed with drinking water–for good reason in this climate–and 1 use water bottles are everywhere. I’ve started refilling a huge 33.4 ounce bottle of SmartWater (a spending folly–SmartWater tastes very nice but I hate paying for water. Now I only drink tap).

  • One more formal dress

The number of concerts I was in which required my formal dress was enough that I wore my choral performance dress (from Ms Susan Nace‘s Cantilena concerts). And I definitely have enough pretty black dresses to have avoided wearing the same dress for 3-4 concerts in a row.

Anyhoo, time to practice,

Inspirational Quote:

“If we only had some God in the country’s laws, instead of being in such a sweat to get him into the Constitution, it would be better all around.” -Mark Twain Letter to W. D. Howells, 9/18/1875

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