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I have been having a bit of trouble with my 3rd Genii harmonies in Pamina’s suicide scene from Mozart’s The Magic Flute (properly Die Zauber Floete as we will be singing it in German). My roommate, a wonderful lady who recorded me a study track of all of my Italian lines for Suor Angelica just because she is nice, suggested I input the troublesome lines into a notation program (she uses Sibelius, I use Finale Notepad). This helps me with my harmonies and security in my notes. Also, in the same way that writing down the words to songs I have to memorize gets me to learn the words as they are written rather than as I would like to sing them, copying notes forces me to notice the rhythmic and tonal patterns on the page, which are surprisingly different than the ones I heard when I was learning it by ear. Here is a clip of the scene I am working on from the Texas State University Opera Workshop:

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