You know you’re in the South when…

Ok, so I wasn’t sure if Indian Head Maryland, where the Saltnote Stageworks festival is being held, was *really* in the south. I mean, it’s 1/2 an hour from Washington DC. But I found three indicators I am in the South.

  1. You see a WaWa
  2. Church signs root on local teams (ie, Go Mustangs!)
  3. The air sweats on you

I have my first rehearsal tonight–fun! I’m staying in a nice hotel right across the street from the Sheriff’s Office. I walked to the local Walgreens (about 2 or 3 miles) to buy some toiletries and came back seriously glistening (know the old joke, women don’t sweat, we glisten. And right now I’m glistening like a pig!). Anyhoo, more updates later!

Inspirational Quote:

What is an example day in your footsteps?
Pacing. Stick.

(See previous post for relevance)


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