Fudge Castle! (Fun with food)

ok, totally in a different vein, here is my second to last tea party at CMU for Spring 2008 (my first year).

Jessica Dickinson Goodman CMU Tea Fudge Castle

Picture by Christie Ibaraki

Using a recipe from Ice Cream Treats for Fudge Sauce, a box cake, a kosher box cake and a full box of lacies (super chocolate and nutty cookies) I made a chocolate cake castle with a hot fudge sauce moat and a kosher township outside (with no crumbs touching).

I had been wanting to make a fudge sauce moat and since my suitemates had a prospie (prospective student) visiting who was keeping kosher for Passover (as was my suitemate) we picked up the kosher cake mix a Giant Eagle (or geeegul as Pittsburgers pronounce it).

Fatalities: one kitchen towel (but it’s better now).

Inspirational Quote:

“I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it.” – Garrison Keillor

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