Hilary v Barak–post response to MSNBC article

This is something I posted to the MSNBC article “Hillary: Obama is out of touch with families”. There’s a lot of vitriol against either Hillary or Barack by supporters of the other in the comments for news stories like this and I wanted to say my piece about how we need to structure the debate to come out of this contest with a Democrat in the White House. Enjoy!

Perhaps I am being silly here, but who here support[s] John McCain?


Going once…


So, rather than trying to find the most effective way to put down Hilary (she doesn’t have a normal family because her husband cheats and her daughter overachieves. Well, anyone seen the divorce rate or the growth in women attending Law and Med school? Husbands (and wives) cheat and their children fight their way to the top. Her family outline seems pretty darn normal to me) or the best way to put down Barak (out of touch. Well, yes, all three of the candidates are millionaires. I don’t care what their personal net worth is if they support the policies I support).

How about we distinguish how they will beat John McCain, because right now he’s the lumbering turtle in this rabbit race and to be effective in November both candidates must finds ways to distinguish themselves by beating *him* down.

Clinton doesn’t want to spend 100 years in Iraq.

Obama doesn’t want to overturn Roe V Wade and bring coat-hangers into the bathrooms of our daughters, mothers and wives.

McCain is the real enemy, I am cool with passionate debate but I know come November, I will vote for *anyone* rather than John McCain.

Both candidates do it for me.

I still support Clinton. However now every argument I have with my Obama friends always ends with “but I will vote for either rather than John McCain, who hates babies”.

(Btw, I say John McCain hates babies because he would rather they be born and then starved, beaten or microwaved to death than that they be aborted. Sounds like hate to me).

See, I don’t mind being vitriolic when it is against a candidate whose view on abortion, equal rights and proper military deployment are anathema to me.

Inspirational Quote:

But language is a treacherous thing, a most unsure vehicle, and it can seldom arrange descriptive words in such a way that they will not inflate the facts–by help of the reader’s imagination, which is always ready to take a hand and work for nothing, and do the bulk of it at that.
– Mark Twain Following the Equator


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