Overheating labtop mini-hack

ok, so I know it’s because Amelia (my Macbook Pro)’s fan is not so effective right now. And I will take her to an Apple Store when I get home to CA. However, until then, I didn’t like how her screen froze and her fan whirred and she got hotter and hotter. I was scared for my Amelia. So I thought. And thought. And it was 6am and I needed to finished my course registration so I stopped thinking, and I got my medical icepack out of the freezer, put it on my bed, put a tarry cloth on top of it and put Amelia–battery squarely on the icepack–on top.

At that point she was nearly uncomfortable to touch she was so hot, but as I was adding and moving classes I could feel her body cooling dramatically. And now she is good!

Inspirational Quote:

“The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.” – Mike Krzyzewski

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