Lazarus Long on Specialization

This post is based on my Inspirational Quote from my critique of the MPAA:

a human being should be able to
change a diaper, (* peninsula school, red cross baby sitters course)
plan an invasion, (* last november, thanksgiving trip to washington dc)
butcher a hog, (! yet)
conn a ship, (* peninsula school, our cabin at loon lake with an 18 foot lazer)
design a building, (! yet)
write a sonnet, (* harker 10th grade, english class. I also wrote a poem based on “the passionate shepard” to his love” called the “pomeranian to his love”)
balance accounts, (* carnegie mellon university, I use quicken to manage my spending and income)
build a wall, (* peninsula school, I built forts and dams)
set a bone, (* peninsula school, red cross training for disasters)
comfort the dying, (! yet for humans, several birds and mice)
take orders, (* pacific martial arts, finally I learned to do this in my karate classes)
give orders, (*harker wrestling team,
cooperate, (* peninsula school, the whole time we were taught to respect each other and work in teams)
act alone, (* peninsula school, we were also taught to act individually and for causes we thought were right)
solve equations, (* harker school, AP Calc and such)
analyze new problems, (* peninsula school, we fundraised for camping trips and dealt with problems as they came up)
pitch manure, (* peninsula school, dog manure as part of my chores)
program a computer, (*! harker school, I can program on a computer however I think mr heinlein was talking about something more elementary like building an os which I need more work on my computer skills to do)
cook a tasty meal, (* harker wrestling team, when you’re losing weight you need to cook your own good food to control the contents)
fight efficiently, (* pacific martial arts && harker wrestling, we know about self-defense)
die gallantly. (! yet, I am pretty sure I cannot practice this)

Specialization is for insects.

– Robert A. Heinlein

My ability to fill out this list has a lot to do with my amazing middle school, Peninsula School in Menlo Park. Being a generalist is part of being a Humanities Major, but it is also part of how Peninsula taught me to live happily. I enjoy almost all of the skills I have gained (pitching manure isn’t much fun) and I look forward to learning how to do all of them (except the last one :-D).

Inspirational Quote:

Passionate Pomeranian to his love

Come live with me, and be my bitch,
Away from me you’ll never switch
Through the dog days and the rain
You will never cause me pain

Together we will lounge sheepskin mats
And I’ll spend the hours chasing cats
You’ll sit under the shade of parisol
While gazing upon me, your manly furball

I’ll give you collars of roses and love
Spikes and leather, soft as gloves
And combs of ivory, to twirl your hair
Which will soon adorn my manly lair

I will make you a sleeping pad
With embroidery, never plaid
Feed you food fit for a poodle!
Not a Man’s left over noodles

I’ll feed you fresh veal,
Which will never congeel
Like that stuff your master gives you
And in this way you I’ll woo

Your leash will be a silken rope
Shiny so you’ll not mope
With a steel core, so it’ll not fray,
You’ll be mine me ‘till your death day

We will frolic through the park
And at the pesky squirrels we’ll bark
Though your fleas will make me twitch
Come live with me, and be my bitch

By Jessica Dickinson Goodman for Mr Hufnagl’s class, Harker, 2005


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