Pachebel’s Rant (by Rob Paravonian) dissected

So, I hope you’ve seen this video. It is hilarious and well known in a lot of music circles.

And I got curious. Because I wanted to know: 1) what are all of these songs? 2) do they all really follow the chord progression DABF#GDGA?

Most of them do.

But I found some songs whose lyrics are so fabulous, I won’t worry that their chord progression is baroque. So here are the 16 songs (and corresponding YouTube videos) for each of the songs mentioned in Pachebel’s Rant (there are only two snippets I could not identify).

  1. “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel
  2. “Graduation” by Vitamin C
  3. “Crying” by Aerosmith.
  4. “One Tin Soldier” by Coven.
  5. “Hook” by Blues Travelers
  6. “Basket Case” by Green Day
  7. “Push” by Matchbox 20
  8. Now Identified! “it’s been good living with you” is what I think I heard. “Good” by Better than Ezra

  9. Now Identified!: “my machine head” “been in the rest” is what I think I heard. “Bush” by Machine Head

  10. “With or Without You” by U2

  11. “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia

  12. “Sk8er Boy” by Avril Lavigne.
  13. “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sister

  14. “Laverne and Shirley Theme”

  15. “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley

  16. “Let it be” by The Beatles

    For a full transcript go to this website.

    My favorite new song: “Hook” by Blues Travelers (5)

    My favorite video(s): “Graduation” by Vitamin C (2) and “Sk8er Boy” by Avril Lavigne (12)

    Three songs that show the chord progression best (other than the original): “With or Without You” by U2 (10) and “Let it be” by The Beatles (16).

    This was fun researching!

    Inspirational Quote:

    “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough” – Mario Andretti


    1. Aargh! I’ve been humming Pachelbel’s Canon all day after reading this! I played the first violin, second violin, and viola parts of this in High School, so I tend to wander through the parts while I hum. Very annoying to my co-workers! 🙂

    2. Number 8 is Good by Better then Ezra. Number 9 is Bush by Machine head. Thanks cause I was short a few.

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