Tea and Cupcakes!

Thanks to a very cool care package, we had seasonal cupcakes! We drank the Assam tea and all hung out. One of the girls on my floor will be directing the play The Pillowman at CMU (more info on it when I see it!) and one of the other girls is cast as the writer in that play. She was working lines with the guy in the 2nd picture (not a cast member) doing a disturbingly chill reading of the murderer. I can’t wait to see the production. The director, the actor and the rest of my floor all hung out in the lounge and talked about our days–exactly the kind of atmosphere I wanted for the tea parties.
Seasonal Cupcakes

The full tea party with Seasonal Cupcakes

Inspirational Quote:

“Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little,” Edmund Burke.

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