Split session: Scaling up

Paradigm shifts, new technology requirements, and a solution path: the future of computing

Ramune Nagisetty of Intel gave a talk which more than anything gave a feeling of the zooming, Moore’s Law following shifts in the high tech industry. She focused her talk on:

    The Power Wall
    -The issue of power and its uses is becoming more and more popular and necessarily relevant, especially within technical industries. From cell phone batteries to PG&E bills for company or school labs the use of power must be considered as technology is developed.Many Core Architecture
    -Use of two or more processors to make computing more efficient is a trend the presenter sees emerging in the field.The Future: Sensors and Data Sets
    -iPhones and Wiis are impressive because they know where they are. Use of sensors is cool. Stories about the US Government Data Mining for private information and general use databases all of these are the current state of a growing field.

Finding Semantically Similar Objects Using ontology to find similar objects.Relevant questions:

Yu Deng, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center  presented information on the friend of all people not familiar with working their way into other people’s brains: designing technology which searches or categorizes information based on semantically similar objects. Most experienced researchers get used to using odd words to find what they need. For example in a conversation over Disney’s collected biometrics (which will be blogged about soon) us hardcore geeks started talking about what words someone else (Disney’s web content writers in particular) might use in an explanation of a guest’s Privacy Rights. Here are some of the keyword combinations which might produce results:

1) “Fingerprint” Disney

2) “Digital Scanning” “Disney world”

3) Disney biometrics

4) “Privacy policy” “Disney World”

5) “Guest Information” usage

However as I understand use of ontology  in next-generation searching is that any of these phrases could pull up the Disney Policy if it existed on the Internet. This would be because the words “Fingerprint”, “Digital Scanning” and “Biometrics” would all be linked in the search structure. NOT equivalent, but linked. For example, the word “Disney” would *not* need to be linked to “Disney World” because based on current search algorithms “Disney World” would come up when “Disney” was searched for because that phrase includes the searched for key word. Anyhoo, next presentation, here I come!

Inspirational Quote:

We’ll try to be a catalyst for development projects that include women at all levels – in the design and development process.” Anita Borg

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