Mentoring Makes MAGIC for Middle and High School Girls

I was so exited about this panel I could not decide how to write about it.

Would I speak about the passion of the panelists, the drive and joy in their faces as they sought information from the audience? Because they were passionate, they were interactive and they seemed to be ready to work with any challenge or potential downfall of their project.

Would I write about the effective Magic Website, the clear amount of initial work which has gone into this proposal? Because they have laid the groundwork for an organization which could change lives. It was clear that none of the panelists had all of the answers–this is right, because as a member of the audience said “we’re dealing with lives here”. All of the panelists understood the potential immensity of the work they want to undertake–but the difficulty of the task should not prevent us from doing it (to paraphrase one of the panelists).

Or would I give a gushing review and write about how everyone who cares about girls in computing should care about Magic. Because I have seen the value of Mentoring and it is great. I have seen the benefits on being a Mentee and that too is great. These women could make mentoring a reality for girls all across the US. Check them out.

Inspirational Quote:

“Women will change the corporation more than we expect.Anita Borg

Jessica Dickinson Goodman

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  1. Congratulations on these wonderful women of vision! Proud to be a mentee too. Every woman should make her impact/legacy to the younger generation whether official or not!

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