Friday night Motley Fool Binge

(I forgot to post this last Friday–oops!)

Ok, so instead of watching TV (which involves going downstairs and compromising with whatever group is watching sports right now) or doing homework (it’s *Friday*) I have been reading The Motley Fool again. I have to admit, in the past few weeks I’ve been deleting their letters without reading them for lack of time, but I have a few hours to chill and I have rediscovered how much fun they are! The two favorite ideas thus far: for retirement you only need to have three things. 1) time, 2) money, 3) a plan. I just think it’s nifty how they find a higher level to analyse something as potentially stressful as retirement. The second this is the Morningstar Style Box which I always thought was an implicit assumption in trading: you need a mix of big medium and little, fast growing, medium growing and slow growing.

It’s like learning about tropes for the first time, or how to analyze the structure of an essay or Aria. Fun!

Inspirational Quote:

“We shouldn’t have to be silent to be safe.” Kate Prengaman

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