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So, fabulously, I get to go to the Grace Hopper Conference in sunny (we hope) Orlando Florida come mid-October. Katy Dickinson (I bet you can figure out the relationship :-D) and I are doing a panel called “Girl Geeks in High School – Technical Experiences of Future Inventors” with some accomplished an intelligent young Silicon Valley women. If you have never been to this conferance (I’ve only been vicariously through stories and tshatshkis), look it up. There are amazing looking panels and speakers and, on a totally young note, Disney World!

I have been selected to be an official blogger so I will be posting thoughts about panels I attend, so you can attend vicariously as well! Here are some of the panels that caught my eye to give you an idea of what might be coming up:

Promising Practices in CS1

(the links are to the description of that panel. Note: this one has a CMU person on it. Yay!)

An Introduction to Intrusion Detection

Maybe I can design a better TSA 😉

Using technology to empower women in the developing world

This looks fascinating.

Business Innovation through accurate, high-volume data capture: Using RFID to shed light on the dark corners of the enterprise

RFIDs are always interesting. They have so much potential for organizing information when used on goods and so much potential for violating privacy when used on people. I can’t wait to learn more.

Mentoring Makes MAGIC for Middle and High School Girls

With friends coming up the pipeline it would be nice to know what might help them love technology more.

Making the Future Web Accessible to People with Disabilities

Web 2.0 is ______

Learning by Doing: Using Internships to Discover Where You Belong

While having tons of fun!

Wireless Security Best Practice Guidelines

Important for those of us who live on an open network.

Storytelling as Role Modeling: Collecting Oral Histories

What you don’t write down and don’t tell anyone won’t help anyone in the future

and, ahem,

Girl Geeks in High School – Technical Experiences of Future Inventors

And this is just an abbreviated list of things going on at a diverse and lively conferance. I hope everyone has an innovative day!

Inspirational Quote:

“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” Grace Hopper

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