Bomb threat (again)

Approximately 5 minutes ago I received a version of this message on my phone from CMU automated alter system:

Pittsburgh Campus Alert: At 10:17 a.m. today, The Tepper School discovered an anonymous bomb threat by email referencing the Tepper School. The email was sent to an administrative email account at 1:59 a.m, Saturday, Sept. 8. The Tepper School has been evacuated and University Police are conducting a thorough sweep of the school. An update will be posted on this site at noon.

This is from my my.cmu page (where all other security and threat information has been posted before). The main website should have information about it soon.

An update on where the investigation of the last bomb threat: during my Big Questions meeting (a Morewood tradition where freshpersons talk about philosophy with a member of the faculty) Susan Bassett (Director of Athletics) told us (in response to a question from me) that I use to many parentheses.

No, she told us that one of the CMU police officers told her staff that the FBI was investigating the bomb threat. Similar threats have been delivered to multiple campuses and they believe (though cannot yet and have not yet confirmed) that the threats had originated from Canada and they think they are a prank. However CMU and the FBI are of course treating every threat as real and reacting on that assumption. No quote, I need to go to class.

Ok I added this after this post, cuz I wanted a quote:

“I am not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde

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